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​Need something different for your next Conference or Company Meeting?
Integrating Qigong (Qi or Chi (chee) Gong (kung)) into your next event can really engage your employees and get them fired up for the business ahead.  

Qigong can be paired with keynote presentations on wellness or stress reduction and can be used to kick off the meeting, to gather the crowd back from lunch, or to get people moving in a break-out session.

Minimal space is required.  There are no props, and no physical requirements. Qigong is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. For more, see more on my Qigong page.

Bring Food & Health Tips to your employees! As a certified Plate by Zumba instructor, I can now incorporate better health into your meetings. See more about Plate and some of the topics you can choose from at

If you really wan to mix it up we can bring in some high-energy drumming! FitBeat is a fun way to make some noise, take out some frustrations, and have some fun to music!
This exercise would be modified to accommodate work clothes and environment.

Lunch-and-Learn or 1 Hr. Group Presentations starting at $85
CNBC reports: More Companies are Bringing Yoga and Meditation Meetings into the Workplace
Want to break awareness into small, learning chunks? We can create 1 hour interactive workshops that address healthy food choices, qigong, mindfulness, and/or fitness!

Strategically Improve the Health Culture of Your Company!
Training with ZenMoves can include corporate retreats, strategic planning, incentive planning, healthy food courses, stress-management, and fitness. Contact me about putting together the right approach for your environment. Let's create a healthier workplace for you and your employees.

I have been a certified, corporate trainer and have facilitated hundreds of fitness classes over the last 15 years. As a public speaker, movement leader, and facilitator, I can help make your meeting an engaging and memorable event while introducing your employees to a new method of wellness.

See what Dr. Oz has to say about Qigong in this feature article.
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