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What is Qigong?  
Qi or Chi (chee-energy) gong (kung-cultivation)
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Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of energy movement, practiced daily by millions of individuals. Using slow movement with metaphors, it helps you get energy moving through your body and get your mind into focus, so that your energy can freely help your body rejuvenate and heal itself. Qigong has been shown to improve health, prevent disease, and relieve pain. With 70% or more of our "dis-eases" being preventable, why wouldn't we do more to prevent disease? Qigong can be done by anyone and can be modified for those with current health conditions or physical limitations, even those who are bed-ridden. The body follows what the mind believes. This video captures my allure to Qigong: TaijiZen

I encourage each participant to find their own personal practice within the group setting. By tuning into and learning more about your body, you increase the benefits of Qigong. Each class will provide you with a variety of moves to get your energy flowing and to enhance your focus.  See what Dr. Oz says about Qigong in this Video

Random Gatherings
My intention is to support your practice by offering additional, free opportunities for you to experience Qi.  Updates will be noted in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.  Please join our community and subscribe to receive additional info. 

Coming in 2020 at the Osage Forest of Peace!
Possibilities of Qi; Qigong Retreat Weekend March 13-15, 2020
Retreat Schedule and Registration now available:  OsageForestofPeace

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